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Acts of Valor Games - Debut

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

I am happy to announce the Acts of Valor Games debut is nearly here. An important date in the first week of June will be the official date. Stay tuned!

What is: Acts of Valor?

It's Table-Top Strategy in a compact Trading Card Game.

It is World War 2...

General, the goal is simple: destroy your opponents' Headquarters!

This is Acts of Valor. As General, you command your army by choosing which HQ to begin the game, customize your deck by selecting each unit, available upgrades, resource points, vehicles, structures, and abilities. Develop your own strategy to thwart the enemy's advance and take them out before they take you out.

The Trading Card Game where YOUR CARDS MOVE !!!

TCG meets miniatures game. It plays like a miniatures game with the customized deck of cards YOU build! Depth and strategy come together on a new level you never thought possible from a TCG! Tactical movement, positioning, terrain, and line of sight will play a part in your advance. Adapt, defend, capture and hold resource points to gain valuable resources to deploy your units, add upgrades, and increase your army's might on the battlefield. Experience Points earned during battle can be invested into powerful abilities that can be employed throughout the game. You choose which abilities to have available to your army.

Your table is the battleground!

No mat, no gameboard, no rulers, no measuring tape or yardstick is required. Any table will work. Want a smaller skirmish game? Use the width of a table or one that's smaller. Want a large-scale game? Play length-wise on the table. Acts of Valor is scalable and no two encounters will ever be the same!

Your army awaits your orders, General!

Booster packs will be available to broaden and further customize your army!

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